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Bromide Derivatives

Ever since our establishment in the year 2001, we, RFC Industries have been engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an exclusive array of Bromide Derivatives such as Potassium Bromide, Sodium Bromide, Hydrogen Bromide etc. These derivatives are made from reacting two salts together for example potassium bromide (KBr) is made by reacting potassium ion and Bromide ion availed from scrap iron in which, electrostatic ionic bond is developed with the alteration of ions. The same manufacturing as potassium bromide goes with other bromide derivatives salt also. The offered derivatives of bromide salt are widely used as catalysts & reactants in the manufacturing process of agro chemicals, veterinary medicines, flame retardants etc.

  • Have a high melting point
  • Have good density per specific gravity
  • Good solubility in water and moderate solubility in alcohol

Potassium Bromide

"Discover the Power of Potassium Bromide: A Versatile Chemical Compound with Diverse Applications" Potassium bromide, often abbreviated as KBr, is a remarkable chemical compound that finds utility across multiple industries and scientific disciplines. This inorganic salt is renowned for its versatile properties and wide-ranging applications. From its crucial role in the field of medicine to its use in photography and beyond, potassium bromide continues to be a pivotal player. Explore its many facets and applications here.
Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Zinc Bromide

Zinc Bromide Empowering Industries with HighPerformance Solutions Zinc bromide ZnBr2 is a powerhouse compound that drives innovation and efficiency in various industries From its vital role in energy storage systems to its applications in drilling fluids and chemical processes zinc bromide stands at the forefront of cuttingedge technology Explore the exceptional properties and versatile applications of zinc bromide and discover how it can elevate your industrys performance Unleash the potential of zinc bromide for a brighter and more sustainable future
Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Calcium Bromide Anhydrous

Calcium bromide anhydrous is a chemical compound with the formula CaBr2 It is the anhydrous waterfree form of calcium bromide This inorganic salt is commonly used in various industrial applications including in drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry as a desiccant drying agent and in some chemical processes Heres a description of calcium bromide anhydrous Appearance Calcium bromide anhydrous is typically a white crystalline solid It is often available in the form of small colorless to white granules or powder Chemical Formula CaBr2 Molar Mass Approximately 19989 gramsmol Odor Calcium bromide anhydrous is generally odorless Solubility It is highly soluble in water meaning it readily dissolves in water to form a clear solution This property makes it useful in various applications where a soluble bromide source is needed Hygroscopicity Like many bromide salts calcium bromide anhydrous is hygroscopic meaning it has a strong tendency to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment This property makes it useful as a desiccant for drying gases and liquids Melting Point The melting point of calcium bromide anhydrous is around 730 degrees Celsius 1346 degrees Fahrenheit Uses 1 Oil and Gas Industry Calcium bromide anhydrous is primarily used as a key component in drilling fluids especially in the oil and gas industry It is added to drilling muds to increase their density which helps control well pressure and prevent blowouts during drilling operations The brine solutions containing calcium bromide also have good compatibility with drilling equipment 2 Desiccant Due to its hygroscopic nature calcium bromide anhydrous is used as a desiccant in various applications It can be used to absorb moisture from gases solvents and other liquids 3 Chemical Processes Calcium bromide anhydrous may be used in some chemical reactions and processes where a soluble bromide source is required 4 Medicine In the past calcium bromide was used in medicine as a sedative and anticonvulsant but it has largely been replaced by other compounds with fewer side effects Its important to handle calcium bromide anhydrous with care especially when working with it in industrial settings as it can be corrosive and may have specific safety and environmental regulations associated with its use Proper precautions should be taken to ensure safe handling and storage
Price: 330 INR/Kilograms

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