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Oil Field Industrial Chemicals

Oil Field Industrial Chemicals are industrial type inorganic compounds that are commonly used in oil processing and various other industries like rubber manufacturing. These high performance chemical agents are available in liquid forms as per their grade, viscosity and other physical as well as chemical properties. There are various different types of such elements supplied by us which includes sodium bromide, calcium bromide and many more. They are available in different sized hard plastic containers as per customer demands. Buyers can get these premium grade solutions in large volumes with a supply ability of 100 kilograms per month.

Calcium Bromide

"Unlocking Potential with Calcium Bromide: Your Key to Efficient Drilling and Industrial Solutions" Calcium bromide, represented as CaBr2, is a dynamic chemical compound essential in the world of drilling fluids and industrial processes. This versatile anhydrous salt has revolutionized drilling operations in the oil and gas industry, providing enhanced control and safety. Dive into the applications and benefits of calcium bromide as a vital component in drilling fluids, a potent desiccant, and a key player in various chemical processes. Unleash the potential of calcium bromide for your industrial needs today.
Price: 141 INR/Kilograms

Calcium Bromide 52% Solution

"Elevate Oilfield Excellence with Calcium Bromide 52% Solution: Your Drilling Fluid Triumph" Calcium Bromide 52% Solution stands as the pinnacle of drilling fluid solutions, meticulously crafted to excel in the demanding oilfield environment. With a precisely balanced 52% concentration of CaBr2, it offers unparalleled control over wellbore pressure, enabling safer and more efficient drilling operations. Experience the assurance of reliability and performance that only Calcium Bromide 52% Solution can deliver. Discover how it transforms your drilling ventures into triumphs, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.
Price: 180 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Bromide

RFC Industries mainly focus Oil and Gas Industry: Sodium bromide is utilized in the oil and gas industry as a completion fluid. In this application, it helps prevent the swelling of shale formations and controls wellbore stability during drilling operations.
Price: 91 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Bromide 45%

Enhance Your Oilfield Operations with Sodium Bromide 45 Your Trusted Drilling Fluid Solution Sodium Bromide 45 a specialized formulation of NaBr is a gamechanger in the oil and gas industry It offers a precisely balanced concentration of this essential compound meticulously designed to optimize drilling fluid performance With its remarkable capacity to control wellbore pressure prevent blowouts and increase drilling efficiency Sodium Bromide 45 is the goto solution for professionals seeking toptier results in oilfield operations Explore the unique benefits of this concentration and unlock the full potential of your drilling endeavors today
Price: 91 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Bromide 45% Solution

Sodium Bromide 45 Solution is the ultimate choice for oilfield drilling professionals looking to maximize performance and safety This meticulously formulated solution boasting a precise 45 concentration of NaBr is a gamechanger in the industry Its unparalleled ability to control wellbore pressure enhance drilling fluid stability and mitigate risks sets it apart as the preferred solution for demanding drilling operations Experience the power of Sodium Bromide 45 Solution and take your oilfield endeavors to new heights with confidence
Price: 110 INR/Kilograms

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